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Dr. Shrout

Best Practices for Digital Exhibits

1 min read

  • Clear Methodology - how exhibit items were selected and how the exhibit was structured
  • Clear Audience - who the site was made for, who its audience was, and how the site engages with public quesitons
  • Clear historical context
  • Tools for interpretation - make it interactive
  • User friendly
    • Usability
    • Free
    • ADA accessability
    • Usable user interface
    • Sufficient context (not too much, not too little)
    • Good design
    • Include original sources and transcriptions/descriptions
  • Sustainability
    • Funding
    • Maintaining Awareness
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Consistant maitenance
    • Easy to identify makers
    • Cross-platform
  • Give the contributors agency over digitized materials
  • Support intentional silences
  • Work with communities to fill silences that are the product of structural inequality
  • Thorough and comprehensive, but with a defined scop
  • Good design