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About This Course

Digital humanities uses digital, computation and quantitative tools and methodologies to investigate humanistic questions. Digital humanities is collaborative. It is participatory. It is visual. It is innovative.

This course represents the first in a two-part series in digital history. In this broad introductory course, we will examine the influence of digital tools and new media on the research, writing, teaching, and presentation of history.

Through a combination of analytical, experiential, and collaborative exercises we will merge traditional historical methods with digital tools to explore new useful methodologies for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating historical knowledge.

We will develop both technical and theoretical proficiency within the broader field of digital humanities. We will engage digital tools and resources to rethink old historical questions. We will come up with new questions, which can only be investigated through digital practice. We will contemplate avenues for collaboration between historical research and public communities. Finally, we will weigh the practical and theoretical implications of using digital history to create more inclusive scholarship in the 21st century.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to respond to historical questions using a broad range of digital tools and resources.
  • Develop individual research and project management skills.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on a digital history project.
  • Improve analytical writing by completing in-depth evaluations of existing digital history sites and projects.
  • Gain insight into learning processes.

Readings and Software

  • All readings are available in the course's Zotero library. (you must be a user to access the library readings.
  • Weekly reading responses will be posted on this site, which is built on a platform called Known
  • We will also be using Slack - a tool for group discussion and collaboration to ask questions, coordinate group work, etc. Sign up for the department Slack channel here.
  • Over the course of the semester, we will be exploring a range of digital and new media platforms. In order for you to use those platforms, you need to sign up for an account with Reclaim Hosting.